Extra seat for passenger (EXST)

You may book an extra seat when passenger needs more space for him/herself.

The same airfare will be charged for the additional seat as for the passenger itself. Only published fares without discount may be applied. YR and YQ charges must be collected twice. Also Value added tax (vat) must be added to Finnish domestic fare.

The passenger and the extra seat will be issue on one ticket.

  • Before departure to a round-trip journey: One ticket will be issued and base fare will be added as Q-surcharge to the fare calculation.
  • After departure: Reissue the ticket and add a ½ RT fare from the lowest available booking class as Q-surcharge to the fare calculation, according to the travel direction. Also a new YR must be collected.

Window or the middle seat will be booked for the passenger. Due to security reasons aisle or exit seat may not be used.

Note: Extra seats for medical reason, please contact Medadesk.


Extra seat reservation procedure

1. Book two seats during the same entry

2. Add name element as follows;


3. Add SSR-element


4. Price the passenger normally and then add the fare of the extra seat to the fare calculation line as Q-surcharge;

TTI/CHEL AY LON Q497.15 497.15NUC994.30END ROE0.891079

5. Amend the fare element and add the YR/YQ taxes:

TTK/FEUR886.00/XEUR84YR (passenger YR 42 + EXST YR 42 )

Seat belt extenders

Seats with airbag safety belts may vary by aircraft type and version. If customer needs a seat belt extender, please contact Finnair beforehand so we can pre-seat customer to a suitable seat.

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