Electronic devices


The use of Portable Electronic Devices (PED) on board aeroplane presents a source of uncontrolled electromagnetic radiation with the risk of adverse interference effects to aeroplane systems. The intention of these limitations for the use of PED is to reduce the risk to acceptable limits.

Restrictions on use of Portable Electronic Devices by passengers

Unrestricted use - devices that can be used at any time

- devices powered by micro battery cells

- devices powered by solar cells

- electric watches

- hearing aids (including digital devices)

- pagers (only receivers)

- heart pace makers

- other similar type of equipment.


Restricted use - devices limited to be used in cruise flight

The PED of this category may be used only when the fasten seat belt sign is off.

- laptops with CD ROM or DVD drives

- palmtops organizers

- handheld calculators without printers

- portable audio equipment (tape - i.e. walkman, CD-player, mini disk-player, MP3-player - i.e. Discman)

- computer games (i.e. Gameboy)

- cameras (digital, video etc.)

- display units (except cathode ray tubes)

- GPS-satellite navigators

- electric shavers

- electronic toys (excluding remote controlled)

- mobile phone in off-line mode

- other similar type of equipment


Mobile phone - limited to be used on ground only

Mobile phone must be switched off during the time period when Fasten Seat Belt sign is on.


Prohibited use - devices forbidden to be used at all times in the aeroplane

The PED of this category must be switched off inside the aeroplane.

- devices transmitting RF intentionally

- walkie-talkies

- remote controlled toys

- display units with cathode ray tubes

- wireless computer equipment (mouse)

- PC-printers

- CD-writers and mini-disk-recorder in recording mode

- big portable stereo sets

- pocket radios (AM/FM)

- TV-receivers

- telemetric-equipment

- other similar type of equipment

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