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Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo

How to reach Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo

Named after the enchantment of flying, our new Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo tier brings additional benefits to our most frequently flying customers. The Platinum Lumo tier benefits are focused on the highest level of service and flexibility when travelling.

You can reach the Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo tier after collecting 450,000 tier points, of which at least 350,000 earned from Finnair flights, or taking 150 oneworld flights, of which at least 100 flown with Finnair, during your tracking period. Once you reach that level, your new Platinum Lumo membership card will appear in the Finnair app, and you can start using the tier benefits immediately. Platinum Lumo membership will continue for the rest of the current tracking period plus the next twelve months. Please read the Finnair Plus rules to find out more.

Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo benefits

One extra bag

You’re entitled to one extra bag (max. 23kg (50lb)) when travelling on Finnair flights (AY code on the ticket and flight operated by Finnair or Norra) and all the flights in one direction of your itinerary are operated by Finnair, regardless of travel class.

You’re also entitled to one extra bag (max. 20–23kg (44–50lb) depending on the airline) when travelling on any other oneworld airline except Finnair, regardless of travel class. Please check the possible airline-specific limitations.

Special baggage

You can take one set of golf equipment (clubs and a bag), one ski or snowboard bag or one set of diving equipment (air tanks must be fully emptied) with you free of charge when travelling on Finnair scheduled flights or charter flights (AY code on the ticket and flight operated by Finnair of Norra) and all the flights in one direction of your itinerary are operated by Finnair. The benefit is personal.


You can use priority check-in for all Finnair flights (AY code on the ticket and flight operated by Finnair of Norra) and other oneworld flights, regardless of travel class.

Priority Security

You can use the faster Priority Security Lane at security control. At Helsinki Airport, you can take four guests with you.


When travelling on Finnair flights (AY code on the ticket), you have access to the Finnair Lounge services. Finnair Platinum Wing is at your service in the non-Schengen side of Helsinki Airport. Please note that you can use our non-Schengen lounge services when your flight departs from the non-Schengen area.

This benefit applies to you and 4 guests travelling on the same flight. At other airports, the lounge benefit applies only to the lounge printed in your boarding pass and only when travelling on Finnair flights.

See all lounge services

You also have access to oneworld First Class, Business Class or frequent flyer lounges, regardless of travel class. This benefit applies to you and one guest travelling on the same flight.

Advance seat reservation

You can pre-select a seat through Manage booking for Finnair flights free of charge. This also includes the option of reserving a Comfort seat and seats with extra legroom. See all the seat types on the Seat selection page. 

Confirmed seat

You’ll get a confirmed Business or Economy Class seat, when you make your reservation at least 48 hours before departure.

Finnair guarantees confirmed seats in scheduled short-haul (excluding Dubai and Doha) Business Class booking classes J, C and D, and in scheduled short-haul and long-haul Economy Class booking classes Y, B and H.

Please note that in exceptional circumstances, this benefit may not be available on some flights.

Internet access

Complimentary internet access is available for you on all our intercontinental flights and most flights in Europe and the Middle East.

Free drink and snack

You and your travel companion will receive a free drink and a snack when flying in Finnair Economy Class. Please note that a free drink and snack are available on flights with an on-flight menu. Other travel class-specific services remain as before.

Tax-free shopping

You’ll get 10% off all normal-priced products purchased on board or pre-ordered (excluding the on-flight food and drink menu). This benefit is only available on flights to destinations outside the EU and cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.


Our wide selection of digital newspapers is available to you free of charge during your flights with an internet connection.

You will get the travel class upgrade benefits when you reach the Platinum Lumo tier for the first time. These benefits are valid for one year and you will get them again when you renew your Platinum Lumo tier after a new 12-month tracking period.

Long-haul flights*

You’ll receive four one-way travel class upgrades, which you can use on any scheduled intercontinental flights operated by Finnair.

European flights*

You’ll get eight one-way travel class upgrades, which you can use on any Finnair scheduled flights within Europe. If you wish, you can exchange the upgrades (four of them) for a one-way intercontinental upgrade or a two-for-the-price-of-one Classic award flights in Economy Class. With this you can purchase award flights for two people from the Finnair Plus service centre but pay the point cost of an award flight for one person. Two-for-one Classic awards are only available for scheduled one-way and return flights operated by Finnair or Norra and must be purchased using points only.

Family members' upgrades*

You can upgrade up to three family members from Economy Class to Business Class with your points to join you, when you have bought a Business Class ticket. The point charge for an intercontinental return flight is 50,000 points per person, and 10,000 points per person for return flights within Europe.

*Travel class upgrades are available on scheduled Finnair flights (AY-code on the ticket and the flight is operated by Finnair or Norra). Please note that upgrade seats are limited.

Check upgrade availability

You can now check the upgrade availability already before booking your flights. Simply look for the Details and upgrades link when searching for the flights, select "Upgrade availability" next to "Flight details" and log in with your Finnair Plus credentials.

Point expiration

Your points will not expire during your Platinum Lumo membership regardless of your activity.

More points

You’ll earn 25% more Finnair Plus points for Finnair and also American Airlines (valid on flights from 1 May 2022 onwards), British Airways and Iberia (valid on flights from 1 June 2022 onwards) flights (AY/AA/BA/IB code on the ticket) with the Platinum Lumo tier point multiplier.

Exclusive customer service

Exclusive Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo customer service is available at +358 9 818 0811 and

Give-away Gold card

You can give Finnair Plus Gold membership as a gift to any two Finnair Plus members when you reach the Platinum Lumo tier for the first time. The benefit is valid for one year. You will get this benefit again when you renew your Platinum Lumo tier membership after a new 12-month tracking period. To use the benefit, just log in to your Finnair Plus account at

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