Validity of TST

In most market areas the TST (transitional stored ticket) is valid until the end of the TST creation day. In practice this means that if not ticketed on the same day, you need to re-price PNR. This is independent of TTL (ticketing time limit). If the customer wants to wait with the ticketing, please inform him/her that the fare and/or taxes may change.


  • Your market states the TST is valid until the end of the same day.
  • You have made a reservation on Monday and priced with a fare requiring ticketing latest on Thursday (TTL 3 days).
  • If you do the ticketing on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, you need to re-price.

You can check your market area’s TST validity in Amadeus PV > MD-TSE. If it states '1', validity is until the end of today, if it states '2', validity is until the end of next day, etc. If the function is restricted, please contact your company’s administrator.

More information in Amadeus HETST > GPINR > MS400

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