Pre-paid additional baggage

It is possible to pay in advance the charges for extra bags and charges for small sports equipment, for example golf bags, skis or snowboards. Extra bags can be purchased up until 3 hours before departure.


See Excess baggage fees

How to book

  1. Before selling additional baggage, make sure that the PNR is priced.
  2. Create a prepaid excess bag element, e.g. SR PDBG AY NN2/P1/S2 (NN1 = 1 bag, NN2 = 2 bags)
  3. Price with FXG
  4. Add form of payment TMI/M1/FP-VI4012XXXXXXXXXXXX/1212*CV123
  5. Issue EMD: TTM/M1/RT (Only EMD allowed). With cryptic entry EGCD/VAY you can check if your country supports EMD for Finnair.

Note: The ticket needs to be issued before or at the same time as the EMD-A, so that the EMD-A will get associated with the ticket.


The service is only available for Finnair flights

  • operated and marketed by AY
  • operated by BE and marketed by AY with a “*” mark in front of the AY flight number
  • with a customer holding a 105-ticket
  • With a customer holding a ticket issued on another stock a Light iEMD is issued, more information is available in EMD-instructions.

It is not possible to sell pre-paid extra baggage, if the passenger

  • is traveling with an AY codeshare flight operated by another carrier


If the route remains the same and the change is done in the same PNR:

  • Add earlier paid EMD manually to new booked PDBG with cryptic entry FHD 105-800012456/E7/P1. E7 stands for SSR line number.
  • In reissue cases the EMD will be disassociated from the ticket and status is D; Activate the EMD that has been disassociated. Basic entry for re-association: EWA/ASC/E1-2/TKT105-2411111111/E1-2 (first E1-2 = coupon numbers of the EMD, latter E1-2 = coupon numbers of the ticket).


Pre-paid extra baggage is non-refundable.

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