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Finnair opens a new Premium Lounge directly adjacent to the award-winning Finnair Lounge near Gate 36 in the non-Schengen area of Helsinki Airport.
From 1 October onwards, you’ll have even more chances to earn tier points from flights within Finland, as we have started to grant tier points in addition to award points for Flybe flights.
The Finnair Plus program turns 20 years this year, and to celebrate, Finnair has launched two new Lifetime tiers for its most loyal customers. Those frequent flyer customers who have reached a Finnair Plus Lifetime Gold or Platinum tier membership can now enjoy Finnair Plus tier benefits that never expire.
The usernames for all Finnair Plus members have been standardised. From now on the username for every member is the Finnair Plus membership number without the AY prefix or spaces. This change will not affect your password. If you have lost your password, you can order a new one from our website.
Finnair Plus customer service (tel. +358 9 818 888) will be closed on Fri 6 April, Mon 9 April, and Tue 1 May.
Finnair offers a completely new exclusive service concept at the terminal 1 of Singapore Changi Airport.
As a part of the Finnair website renewal, we also refreshed the Finnair Plus section of our website. In addition to updating the visuals, we also increased the number of languages – from three to fifteen. In addition to Finnish, Swedish and English, the section is now available in French, German, Russian, Chinese and many more. With this increase we aim to further improve our service.