Quality Hunters 2013 – Developing services with your help

What are the most memorable moments in travelling? How can the travel experience be made smoother and even more enjoyable? After two groundbreaking crowdsourcing initiatives, Finnair and Finavia’s Helsinki Airport know whom to ask. In 2013, Quality Hunters returns – more interactive than ever.

Quality Hunters 2013 is a model for community-driven service development where the most promising ideas provided by the community are selected and further developed with the professionals at Finnair and Finavia. The community will be invited to share their views on what makes a travel experience great and identify points of improvement along the passenger’s journey.

Anyone can join the conversation by following @qualityhunters on Twitter. The blog at qualityhunters.com will discuss the ideas suggested by community members and follow their development process while sharing news about the initiative’s progress. The initiative can also be followed on Facebook at facebook.com/qualityhunters.

Although the majority of work will be done through these channels, active and involved community members will also be handpicked to test and develop Finnair and Helsinki Airport’s services in person. Finnair and Finavia are calling for ideas that can really be put to use, which is why product development professionals at both companies will engage with the community through the entire project.

Have your say in the future of air travel – become a Quality Hunter!


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