Charter flights to Europe and the Middle East


Europe and the Middle-East

If you’re travelling on a Finnair charter flight (AY1000 series), you’ll receive a substantial meal or snack with coffee and tea. Depending on the tour operator, the meal may need to be reserved and paid for at the time of reservation. During your flight, you can also purchase water, fruit juice, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, as well as delicious snacks. See snack list.

Intercontinental charter flights

Our intercontinental charter flights (AY1000 series) normally include two meals, and all meals are low in lactose. If you are following a special diet due to a health condition, allergy or any other reason, you can order one of our special meals for your flight.

Premium meals

If you’re travelling on a charter flight departing from Finland, you can pre-order one of our excellent Premium meals for an additional fee.

You can order your Premium meal here no later than 48 hours before departure.


You can pre-order a warm meal or a fresh salad to enjoy on board, for an extra charge of only 10 euros. Place your order no later than 72 h before departure here.

You can also purchase your meal or snack onboard from Sky Bistro's wide selection of seasonal, high-quality food and beverage options combining the best of both Europe and Asia. There are also products suitable for children and for special dietary needs. Coffee, tea and water are complimentary – as well as Finnair's signature refreshment, blueberry juice.

Sky Bistro menu


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