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Book a specific seat, order a premium meal or pay for extra baggage in advance and make your trip even smoother.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions or feedback for us? Our Customer Care is here for you, just a click or phone call away.

Pay for your flights with points and money

With Any Seat reservations you can use your Finnair Plus points on any Finnair flight.

Find a hotel for your trip

Choose from over 235,000 hotels worldwide.

Finnair Plus Diners Club

Combine your Finnair Plus card with Diners Club credit card and earn points from all your purchases.

Shopping with Finnair

With Finnair, you can shop online, for your next flight, or at the airport.

Forgot to purchase travel insurance?

Purchase the all-round Travel Guard insurance while booking your flights or by following the link below.

Pre-order a meal

Now you can pre-order a meal for you Economy Class flight. Pick from five delicious choices!

How much baggage can I take?

Check your baggage allowance before your trip with our baggage calculator.


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