Flights to Yekaterinburg with Finnair

Discover this rapidly reforming city at the edge of Siberia

Yekaterinburg is located in the Ural region at the western edge of Siberia, on the border of Europe and Asia. This city of 1.5 million people is a hub of business and industry, with new high-rise buildings and luxury shopping centres continuously being erected next to its historic buildings. You can get a great overview of the rapidly reforming city from the top of the 273-metre-tall Antei building.

Outside business circles, Yekaterinburg is known as the place where Russia's last Czar Nicholas II and his family were assassinated in the basement of the Ipatiev house after 78 days of imprisonment. In memory of the Romanovs, a stunning Cathedral on the Blood now stands on the very spot where the house was. The city is also the birthplace of the Ural rock music style of music, and the home of a world-class circus, making it one of the must-see stops along the Trans-Siberian Railway. The world-famous luxury train takes travellers all the way to Vladivostok, Beijing or Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia.

Finnair flies to Yekaterinburg up to four times a week. All flights are operated via transfer-friendly Helsinki Airport. Book your flights today!

Airport information

Koltsovo Airport

The airport is located 15 km southeast of Yekaterinburg.

  • Finnair flights: International Departure hall
  • Check-in opens 2 hours before departure
  • Check-in closes 45 minutes before departure

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