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For us at Finnair, corporate responsibility is a part of what we do every day and to achieve this, we work continuously with many different groups. Below you’ll find examples of what we’ve done lately throughout our company.

responsible flying

We aim to be a benchmark within the aviation industry in environmental responsibility.

Responsibility is the cornerstone of our business operations. We at Finnair want to produce flight services that combine profitability, cost-competitiveness and both environmental and social needs.

Our most significant environmental act is to fly a modern fleet. By replacing our A340 aircraft with the next-generation A350 XWB aircraft we will be able to significantly mitigate our CO2 and noise emissions.

Complying with the current environmental legislation is a good start, but we want to aim even higher and exceed the statutory requirements. Our aim is to be a forerunner among the airlines in evaluating, reporting and reducing environmental impacts.

Our vision is to be one of the leading airlines in the field of environmental responsibility. Aligned with IATA’s principles, we are committed to carbon neutral growth in our flight operations from 2020 onwards, and to cut our CO2 emissions by 50% by the year 2050.

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Upcoming goals

Our ambition for environmental sustainability requires achievable goals. Step by step we strive to make concrete changes in our ways of working and reach the targets within the set schedule.

Anti-icing fluid
usage reduced

40% By 2016
Energy usage in
corporate facilities cut

10% By 2016
CO2 emissions cut
By 2016, and

By 2050
10% less

per passenger by 2016
40% less
By 2017

Improvements in fuel efficiency

The most significant factor affecting an aircraft’s fuel consumption is its weight. The use of new technology and high-quality lightweight materials has enabled us to reduce the empty weight. By optimizing our operational functions we have also been able cut our fuel consumption by several kilograms a year.

2% increase in fuel efficiency =
15 million kg
less fuel consumed =
50 million kg
less CO2 produced
Engine emissions form
of an airline's
environmental impact

One of the youngest fleets in Europe

Engine emissions form the single most notable factor in an airline’s environmental impacts. Therefore modernizing our fleet is our most significant environmental act. In October 2015 we’ll receive our first four new-technology A350 XWB aircraft as the first operator in Europe and by the year 2023 we’ll have 19 new aircraft altogether.

Average age of Finnair's fleet
10,4 years
The new A350 aircraft consume
20% less fuel
than their predecessors

Being a responsible employer

We want to ensure the equality, wellbeing and safety of our personnel.

An airline’s service is delivered by its people. The role of Human Resources is to enable the implementation of the company’s strategy by ensuring employees can successfully do their work. It all starts with understanding the goals: every Finnair person needs to understand what role they play in the strategy implementation.

In a changing environment, leadership development, competence development and employee well-being are especially important. Finnair has renewed its values through culture renewal journey. Hundreds of employees participated this journey to define our company’s values.

We measure employee well-being by conducting an annual employee engagement survey. The results of the survey are used to develop well-being, cooperation and leadership in teams, units and in corporate level. The pulse survey is implemented after six months of the main survey to measure the impact of development activities.

Finnair does not discriminate based on gender, age, ethnic or national origin, nationality, language, religion or other personal reasons or circumstances. We offer equal opportunities for everyone with regard to recruitment, work performance, career progression and development. Both men and women are given equal opportunities for balancing work and family life. Recently we have also established a non-discrimination working group that promotes all kind of equality in the workplace and high-level corporate leadership for gender equality.

In 2011, Finnair became the first Finnish company to sign on to the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles giving guidance on the empowerment of women in the workplace, marketplace and community.

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Our service is delivered by our people

Our people are always there for our customers, making sure our guests arrive at their destination feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Our values
Commitment to care

Devoted and loyal employees

On average our employees have been with us for 17 years. Over 40% of our staff has been with us for more than 20 years, and 10% have worked for us for over 30 years.

Average age of Finnair’s personnel
45 years in 2014
57% 43%
of our employees in 2014
16 hours
of training

per employee in 2010

A responsible community member

We at Finnair want to be responsible world citizens and actively work towards a better future.

The airline industry benefits society for example by providing connections and creating jobs. We at Finnair don’t want to stop there: together with our partners we always strive to create added value to the society on a larger scale and work towards a better future for all of us.

To bring our initiative to life, we are proud to be a part of several different global projects. For example, we have been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2013. It is a corporate responsibility initiative aiming to make human rights, fair labour standards, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption core parts of the participating companies’ operations. Currently Finnair is conducting a human rights impact assessment of the supply chain and its own operations.

We are one of the first airlines to publish a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) corporate responsibility report, including social, economical and financial dimensions, in 2008. Our integrated reports tell a better Finnair story discussing our business model, value creation over time, targets and performance as well as external and internal growth drivers, opportunities and risks – our role in the society. With all this, our target is to improve the transparency of corporate activity. See our reports.

Furthermore, in October 2014 we were included on the A List of the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Climate Performance Leadership Index for our efforts in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and slowing climate change. Among the 187 businesses included, we were the only airline.

In cooperation with our partners we always strive to involve various stakeholders and bundle and benefit different parties of society on a larger scale. By doing this we are able to create added value through sustainability activities. We are calling for active dialogue also in the future, which will also enable us to collect information of the success and importance of our CR work.

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Do good with us

Finnair makes it even easier to donate to charity. Passengers can now make a donation to UNICEF Finland when they book their flights on the Finnair website. Donations are possible in sums of one, five or ten euros. We also collaborate with many other environmental and humanitarian organisations. Members of Finnair’s frequent flyer programme can donate points to the following charities at

Our long-term partners:


Finnair and UNICEF have cooperated already for 20 years, which makes UNICEF our oldest partner. You can now donate money to change the lives of children through education in 11 Asian countries.

Friends of Children’s Hospitals

We have worked with the Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospital since 1995. Over the years, the partnership has involved both our employees and customers.

Red Cross

For several years, Finnair has assisted the Finnish Red Cross during emergencies with its logistics expertise and transport services.

Pink Ribbon

Every October, our personnel wears the pink ribbon on their lapels. We use the ribbons and our communication to spread awareness and promote the collection of donations for the Pink Ribbon fund.

Forestation project in Madagascar

Supporting the Manondroala forestation project to expand rain forests in Madagascar is a part of our long partnership with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.