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Atlantic Joint Business

Four great airlines working together for you. Finnair has teamed up with three other airlines to provide you with more flights across the Atlantic.

Find a hotel for your trip

Choose from over 235,000 hotels worldwide.

Rent a car conveniently online

Hire a car with great prices from over 30,000 locations worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions or feedback for us? Our Customer Care is here for you, just a click or phone call away.

Pre-book a taxi

Book yourself a guaranteed ride for your trip via Cabforce and earn points.

Shopping with Finnair

With Finnair, you can shop online, for your next flight, or at the airport.

Enjoy Finnair Business Class with full-flat guarantee

Our new full-flat seats on selected routes make your Business Class experience even more luxurious.

Earn points from flights

As a Finnair Plus member you can take advantage of great benefits.

Finnair on YouTube

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