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If you fly into Finland from a country outside the EU, you must make a customs declaration in the following cases:

  • the value of any tax-free goods you have with you exceeds €430
  • you are bringing an amount of tobacco, alcohol or other goods that exceeds the tax-free limit
  • you are bringing goods with you that are subject to other restrictions or require a permit

When you arrive at Helsinki Airport, you must declare all goods requiring customs clearance in one of the following ways:

  1. If you are flying in from a non-EU country directly, you must speak to a customs official in person.
  2. If you are flying in from another EU country, from a non-EU country via another EU country or from Norway or Switzerland, you must contact a customs official using a customs telephone in the passenger bridge or at the bus gate. However, this does not apply if you already declared these goods to customs in the EU country in which your previous flight originated.

Once you have verbally declared your goods to the customs authorities, they will make their decision based on your declaration. This will happen in one of the following ways:

  1. immediately, at Helsinki Airport, provided that there is sufficient time before the departure of your connecting flight
  2. at your destination airport in Finland if agreed separately
  3. at a later date – in which case, you will have to collect the decision from an agreed customs office or it will be sent to you by post

Customs officials may check goods transferring onto a connecting flight at Helsinki Airport to other destinations in Finland, either at Helsinki Airport or at the destination airport. If you do not declare goods that require customs clearance, the authorities may charge a penalty equal to double the sum of the customs duties and taxes on those goods, or impose other penalties as allowed by law.

For further information about Finnish and EU customs regulations, please visit the following websites: