How do I get the least expensive fare?

Only a limited number of seats are available with discounted special fares. When you reserve flights online, our booking system will show you the least expensive fare for your chosen route, dates and number of passengers. However, special fares may not be available due to the following reasons:

  • all seats available with special fares have already been reserved
  • your intended booking does not fulfil the conditions of the special fare – for example, the fare type may require a minimum stay or be valid only for a particular travel period

Why do I have to pay a service charge on tickets purchased online?

The online service charge covers the maintenance costs of our online booking system. However, the service charge is lower for tickets booked online than for tickets booked via Finnair service desks.

Why does Finnair charge a service fee for its own flights?

The service fee covers the costs of booking, pricing and ticketing. This fee was previously included as sales commission within the ticket price itself, but, for the sake of clarity, it is now displayed as a separate expense. This helps make our pricing more transparent and allows you to see exactly what you’re paying for.

How can fares change in just a few hours?

Seats are available with different prices and with different rules, and a limited number of seats are available in each fare class. The least expensive seats usually sell out first, after which, we will offer you the next available fare and travel class. Additional seats with a specific fare may become available later if reservations are cancelled, for example. We will only confirm price and seat reservation once your booking has been completed and you have received a booking reference.


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