Booking a flight


Can I reserve and pay for flights for another person?

Yes, you can. We will charge the credit card or bank account that you provide when you make the reservation.

How do I know that my booking was completed successfully?

When you have accepted the fare and our terms and conditions, you will receive two e-mails – one containing confirmation of your booking, and the other containing you e-ticket. If you do not receive your e-ticket within 24 hours, please contact the Finnair customer service.

How can I change or cancel my flight?

The terms and conditions of your ticket type determine whether you can change or cancel your booking as well as how much you will receive in refund in case of cancellation. If your ticket allows it, you can make changes online via the My booking page. You can also cancel your flight via the same page. If your ticket is refundable and you cancel it, you should also contact Finnair to get your refund.

Please note that tickets must be used in the order that they are booked. Therefore, if you do not use one of your flights on route to your destination, your bookings for all subsequent connecting flights will automatically be cancelled.

How do I book a flight with age-based discount?

You can book a discounted flight through the Finnair website by going to the Book section on the front page and choosing the appropriate age group after selecting your departure city and destination. You cannot book tickets with youth or senior discounts together with other tickets.

If you are entitled to senior discount based on your pension status, you can buy your ticket from the Finnair office or your travel agency.

Child discounts are available on almost all fare types for children travelling with an adult who is paying a standard fare. You can book child discount tickets together with adult tickets through our website, under the Book section. You can submit price requests and make reservations for the escort of unaccompanied minors through the Finnair office or your travel agency.

How do I book a Finnair Plus award flight?

To book a Finnair flight using your Finnair Plus points, please log in to your Finnair Plus account in the upper right-hand corner of our website. You can then plan and book your award flight by ticking Award flights when booking a flight. You can also make your reservation via your nearest Finnair Plus Service Center. Finnair Plus Junior award flights can only be booked by phone.

How can I check my flight reservation?

You can check the details of a valid reservation online via the My booking link on the Finnair home page.

I'm having trouble with my booking. Where can I get help?

For more information and instructions, please visit the Book now section of our website and click the question mark on the right-hand side. On technical issues, you can contact the Finnair eBusiness Help Desk in Finland, on +358 9 818 1611. If you need help with booking, contact our customer service

Why haven't I received my e-ticket receipt?

If you have not received a receipt for your e-ticket by e-mail, it may have been deleted or moved by your e-mail software’s junk-mail system. Please ensure that both you e-mail software and your e-mail service provider will accept mails from If you are having problems, we recommend that you contact your service provider.

Can I fly out to one city but return from another?

Yes, you can. To book a trip with different outbound destination and return departure cities, please go to “See all booking options” on our home page and choose “Multiple destinations”. Alternatively, you can buy your ticket from the Finnair office or your travel agency.

What username and password should I use to log in to Finnair's online services?

As a Finnair Plus member, you automatically have a user profile in our database. Your username is the same as your membership number (without the AY prefix and with no spaces between the numbers).

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one through the Finnair Plus website by clicking “Login”, then selecting “Lost password”. Your password will be delivered to you by e-mail or as a text message. If your e-mail address or phone number has changed, please contact your nearest Finnair Plus Service Center.


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