Is automatic check-in offered for all passengers?

Yes. When Finnair Plus number is added to the reservation and there is a mobile number in customer´s Finnair Plus profile, the agent does not need to do anything else, etc.

Customer is also automatically checked-in if the mobile number is added manually to the reservation as an APN element.

Entry for APN element in Amadeus: APN-M+35840123456/FI/P1

How do customers check-in at Helsinki airport?

All customers are advised to do the check-in before arriving at the airport either online or with SMS.

At the airport there are 16 self-service check-in kiosks for those who have not done the check-in prior to arriving at the airport. Finnair’s customer service personnel is available in the departure hall to guide and assist customers.

Finnair service desks are located in the departure hall of Terminal 2 at Helsinki Airport. At service desks it is possible to

  • make ticket changes
  • buy tickets
  • pay for the excess baggage, etc.

At the airport there is also a check-in desk for passengers needing special assistance (wheelchairs, unaccompanied minors etc.) and a priority check-in desk for business class passengers + PRO customers + Finnair Plus Platinum, Gold and Silver members.


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