Full-flat seats offer you the best in flight comfort

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Get a good night’s sleep in Finnair business class. Our new full-flat seats, available on selected long-haul flights*, offer you the best in travel comfort. These seats recline to form a fully horizontal bed, allowing for a comfortable, natural sleeping position. You will wake up at your destination, feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Now there is more room for you to work in, dine in, and sleep in. The seats all come with a power outlet and a spacious table, allowing you to work comfortably and dine in style. We have also increased the amount of storage space available, so you can store your hand luggage and clothing in a way that makes sense to you.

The seats also offer more privacy than ever before. Whether you want to get some work done, or relax with a film or your favourite television programme, you can do so without being disturbed. The great majority of these new seats have direct access to an aisle, and a third of them are solo seats, with no other seat next to them.

*depending on the aircraft model.


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