Finnair Corporate programme levels

There are three membership levels in the Finnair Corporate Programme: Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher your company’s membership level, the greater the discounts. The membership level is reviewed every six months and is defined based on the flight purchases made during the tracking period. Additional information about membership levels is available in the terms of agreement.

With Finnair flexible fare types you can change your travel plans after ticket purchase. The length of your stay at the destination is not limited either.

Level Minimum
Discount from
fare type
C, D, Y*
Discount from
fare type
I, B, H, M, K*
Discount from
fare type
P, T*
Silver - 10 % 5 % 2 %
Gold 7 500 LTL 12 % 7 % 4 %
Platinum 10 000 LTL 15 % 10 % 6 %

Your company can enjoy Silver-level membership discounts immediately on enrollment.

Discounted fares for one-way flights on Finnair Corporate Programme are available only in travel class Y. On return trips the travel must start and end to a same country.

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* discount from CFLEX, DFLEX, YFLEX and BFLEX, HFLEX, MFLEX, KFLEX fares


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