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Register summary

This register summary complies with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999) in Finland.

Register holder

Finnair Oyj (hereafter “Finnair”)
Business code (Y-tunnus) 0108023-3
Lentäjäntie 3

Person responsible for register matters in Finland and her contact information: 
Timo Tirri 
Lentäjäntie 3 
Phone: (09) 818 81 

Name of register

Contact Person Register of the Company travel management program.

Justification for keeping the register

Company is an air travel management program intended for companies. For the Company program shall be registered information about member companies, about contact persons nominated by the member companies and about the flights paid for by the member companies. The Company program’s Contact Person Register, which contains personal data, is thus part of a more extensive Company register. Information relating to contact persons nominated by companies registered in the program shall be entered in the Contact Person Register. The contact person must be an employee of the company that is registered as a member.

Purpose of the register

The information in the Contact Person Register is used to maintain contact between Finnair and companies registered in the program, for managing the customer relationships between Finnair and companies registered in the program, as well as for marketing and advertising purposes.

Information contained in the register

The contact person’s last name, first name, work telephone number, mobile telephone number and e-mail address.

Regular sources of information

Information relating to contact persons is obtained from companies when they register as members of the Company program or when they update information relating to contact persons later. Contact persons make an agreement relating to registration on their company’s behalf and give their own personal data to Finnair in connection with registration.

Transfer of information

Personal data is processed with the Finnair Group. Personal data is not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Exercising of rights

Everyone has the right to know what information has been recorded about themselves in the Contact Person Register or that there is no information relating to themselves in the Contact Person Register. The information can be inspected free of charge once per calendar year. An inspection request must be delivered in writing to Finnair at the address mentioned at the start of this register summary and the request must be personally signed. Information given as a result of an inspection request shall be given in writing and delivered by mail to the address stated by the individual in question.

Contact persons additionally have the right to have corrected any error present in the information relating to themselves. A request relating to the correction of an error must be made by e-mail and the correction request must be sent to the e-mail address mentioned at the start of this register summary.

Protection of the register

Only designated Finnair employees have the right to use registers (including the Contact Person Register) relating to the Company program. The users are divided into different groups and user rights to the system are determined according to each group. The use of Company registers requires users to know the user identification and password. The maintenance with computers of data relating to the Company program takes place in locked premises protected by access monitoring.