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Finnair Corporate

What is it?

The Finnair Corporate Programme is an easy and budget-friendly solution for cost conscious company customers. Your company can enjoy discounts on flight tickets immediately after enrolling, and the flexible ticket types allow for last-minute changes.

Benefits for company


The Finnair Corporate Programme provides your company with services and tools that will make travel planning more efficient.

Booking & Managing

In addition to the reservation service, you’ll find the most suitable travel options and price categories for your company on the Finnair Corporate Programme website.

Plan, book and purchase flights directly on our website or with your preferred travel agency. Your company enjoys discounted company fares immediately after enrolling in the programme, and the flexible ticket types allow for last-minute changes.

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This is how it works

Make a reservation at our web site or your designated travel agency

It is easy to reserve flights on the Internet by using your username and password, which will be mailed to you within a few days after joining the programme.


There are three membership levels in the Finnair Corporate Programme: Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher your company’s membership level, the greater the discounts. The membership level is reviewed every six months and is defined based on the flight purchases made during the tracking period. Additional information about membership levels is available in the terms of agreement.

With Finnair flexible fare types you can change your travel plans after ticket purchase. The length of your stay at the destination is not limited either.

Level Minimum purchase Discount from
Discount from
Discount from
Silver - 10 % 5 % 2 %
Gold 50,000 DKK 12 % 7 % 4 %
Platinum 75,000 DKK 15 % 10 % 6 %

*discount from ticket types BUSINESS (C, D), BUSINESS SAVER (I)**, PRO (Y), PRO (B, H), VALUE (K, M) and VALUE (P, T)

** BUSINESS SAVER (I) with advanced purchase rule is not discounted.

*** Silver, Gold and Platinum level discounts on flights operated by Finnair to Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo: C, D=10%, I, B, H, K=5%

Your company can enjoy Silver-level membership discounts immediately on enrolment.

Discounted fares for one-way flights in the Finnair Corporate Programme are only available in travel class Y (ticket type PRO). On return trips travel must start and end in the same country.

You can contact Finnair Denmark directly for your corporate agreement:

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Finnair Corporate Programme Winter Promotion

Finnair is introducing one-way fare Winter Promotion for certain routes within Europe.

As Finnair corporate customer your company can now enjoy discounted corporate one-way fares from Denmark to Finland. Current Finnair Corporate Programme corporate fare booking classes and discount levels apply now also to one-way campaign fares.

These promotional one-way fares are available on Finnair web site and travel agencies until further notice.

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