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With Finnair, the world is your oyster. Take advantage of our extensive route network to over 70 destinations around the globe and get ready for an unforgettable holiday.

During the summer we operate direct flights between Ljubljana and Helsinki, from where you can conveniently connect to a whole host of destinations in Europe and Asia. We offer three to four flights a week beginning at the end of March 2014. In the meanwhile, you can still connect easily to top destinations around the world with Finnair through any one of our partners. Fly today!

DestinationFlights from
Bangkok €655 Book now
Beijing €620 Book now
Chongqing €650 Book now
Delhi €655 Book now
Helsinki €230 Book now
Hong Kong €695 Book now
Moscow €360 Book now
Nagoya €810 Book now
Osaka €920 Book now
DestinationFlights from
Oslo €290 Book now
Oulu €305 Book now
Riga €290 Book now
Seoul €790 Book now
Shanghai €620 Book now
Singapore €780 Book now
St Petersburg €305 Book now
Tallinn €285 Book now
Tokyo €710 Book now

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