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Exchange award points for tier points

If you need some extra tier points to stay in your current Finnair Plus membership tier or move up to the next tier, you can now exchange your award points for tier points. 15,000 award points can be exchanged for 5,000 tier points, and exchanged tier points are valid until the end of your current tracking period.

You can exchange points online or by contacting the Finnair Plus Service Center on +358 9 818 888. You can exchange points in batches of 5,000 tier points, but can acquire no more than half the tier points you need to maintain or advance your tier membership. As an example, you need 40,000 tier points to be a Finnair Plus Silver member – therefore, you can acquire a maximum of 20,000 of these tier points by exchange.

There is a service charge of €20 for each exchange.

Exchange tier points online

Pay for additional baggage

You can use your points to pay for additional baggage charges for Finnair flights (Finnair or Flybe aircraft, and AY code on the ticket).

Additional baggage charges for Finnair flights
Domestic flights in Finland one piece, max 23 kg 8,000 points
Flights within northern Europe one piece, max 23 kg 8,000 points
Flights within Europe and the Middle East
one piece, max 23 kg 12,000 points
Flights to long-haul destinations one piece, max 23 kg 23,000 points

Order a voucher

An excess baggage voucher entitles you to travel with one additional piece of baggage, one small piece of special baggage or one item of sports equipment. One piece of excess baggage can weigh no more than 23 kg. Each voucher is valid for one year, and no refunds are given for unused vouchers. Excess baggage vouchers may not be used to pay for animal transport.

Please be sure to read our baggage instructions before you depart:

Finnair baggage instructions

Transfer points between friends and family

You can now transfer Finnair Plus award points to someone else, as long as that person is in the same household. This makes it easier to make the most of your points and share benefits and awards with friends and family.

Transfer points yourself through our website or request a transfer by contacting the Finnair Plus Service Center, tel. +358 9 818 888. There is a service charge of €20 for each transfer made. It is not possible to transfer tier points, only award points.

Transfer points

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