Security check

At the airport you will have to go through security control before you can proceed to the gate area. You will be required to place items such as overcoats and laptop computers onto a conveyor belt for X-ray scanning. Small items, such as watches and coins, should be placed in your carry-on bag or jacket pocket.

To pass through security check, you must prove that you are travelling on the same day. You can do this in several different ways:

  • If you are departing from Finland, you will be requested to show one of the following:
    • a printout of an e-ticket,
    • a reservation confirmation sent as a text message or e-mail displayed on a mobile phone or a laptop computer, or
    • a boarding pass issued at a check-in desk or kiosk, a printout of an online boarding pass, or a mobile boarding pass.
  • At airports outside Finland, you must provide a boarding pass. Depending on the airport, your boarding pass can be a text-message boarding pass, a mobile boarding pass, a printout of an online boarding pass or a boarding pass obtained from a check-in desk or kiosk. You can find out about an airport’s specific requirements concerning boarding passes during check-in.

Before you travel, see also instructions and restrictions regarding carry-on baggage.

You will also need to go through security control if you are transferring to a connecting flight to a non-Schengen country. If you are in a hurry to reach your flight, you may use the Fast Line security check in the transfer area. 


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