Charter flights

Finnair operates charter flights to dozens of different destinations every year. During the summer we fly mostly to Mediterranean destinations, and during winter to exotic places in Asia and the Americas. The tickets are sold by tour operators.

On this page you can reserve a specific seat or order a premium meal for flights bought from a tour operator. You can also use this service to pay for transportation of sports equipment excess baggage in advance.

Travel extras can be ordered no later than:

  • Seats: 36 h before the departure
  • Meals: 48 h before the departure
  • Baggage: up until departure

Please ask your tour operator for information on the opening time of the service for your flight.

Travel extras cannot be booked on the same day that you book your flight. Please wait until after 12 noon on the following day to place your order.

You can pay for travel extras using a Visa, Eurocard/MasterCard, American Express, or Diners Club credit card.

Manage booking

Examples of booking numbers:

  • Apollo: 123456789123
  • Aurinkomatkat: 123ABC (Six characters long airline reference)
  • Detur: 12345678
  • Finnmatkat: AG12345
  • Fritidsresor: 1S12345
  • Kristina Cruises: 12345678
  • Lomamatkat: 1234567
  • Matka-Vekka: 12345678
  • Nazar: D012345
  • STS Alppimatkat: 12345
  • Tjäreborg: 12345678
  • Toiviomatkat: 12345678
  • Ving: 12345678
  • You Travel: 12345678

Please write a hyphenated or double surname together, without the hyphen.

Customer Care: +358 600 91 011 (€2.96/answered call + local network charge). Open 8 a.m.–4 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m.–12 noon on weekends.

A €10 service fee/order will be collected for all travel extras ordered by phone.

  • Fees for travel extras:

    Fees are for flights in one direction only.

    Seat Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltics Europe (excluding Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, the Canary Islands and Turkey) Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Turkey, the Middle East and Africa Rest of the world
    Seat with extra legroom 12 24 40 65
    Seat with extra legroom, children* - - - -
    Front row of each cabin section 12 15 30 40
    Front row of each cabin section, children 6 7.50 15 20
    Any other seat 6 12 12 20
    Any other seat, children 3 6 6 10
    Extra baggage
    First extra baggage, max. 23 kg 15/40** 25/40** 25/40** 50/75**
    Second extra baggage, max. 23 kg 15/60** 25/60** 25/60** 50/150**
    Heavy baggage, 23–32 kg 40 40 40 75
    Sports equipment
    Premium meal 25 25 25 25
    Children’s meal 15 15 15 15

    Child discount applies to children between 2 and 11 years of age.

    Passengers sitting on the exit row seats must be at least 12 years old, speak and understand English or Finnish and they must be able to open the exit door if needed and assist the crew.

    Exit row seats do not automatically have more legroom. In the seat map all seats with more legroom are marked with the color green.

    *For safety reasons, children are not allowed to sit in exit row seats.

    **You can pay in advance for an extra baggage (max. 23 kg) online or through our customer service. The lowest price applies when you pay for your fee in advance.

    If you’re travelling on a scheduled Finnair flight, check the corresponding fees for excess baggage here.

To pre-order your in-flight shopping online for both your outbound and return flights, visit the Finnair Shop.

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