Finnair will transport all equipment that a person with reduced mobility needs for his or her well-being free of charge, provided that the passenger informs us of such equipment when booking or purchasing their flights and that there is room for the equipment in the hold of the aircraft. Please inform us about any need for special assistance at least 48 hours before your flight departure.

When you make your flight booking, you should provide us with specific information concerning the needs of any passengers travelling with a wheelchair – please see the list below for more details. This will enable us to anticipate their need for assistance.

Discounts for persons escorting passengers with reduced mobility

If you are assisting a passenger with reduced mobility on a domestic flight in Finland, you can get a discount on your flight ticket(s). As an escort, you are eligible for a discount if you book return tickets for the same flights as the person you are assisting, return on the next available flight or purchase a one-way ticket. You can only purchase discount tickets from Finnair customer care.

Advance-information requirements

If you are travelling with a wheelchair, we require the following information in advance:

  • Will you bring your own wheelchair with you, or do you need to borrow one at the airport?
  • Is your wheelchair operated manually or electrically, and is it foldable?
  • If your wheelchair is electrically operated, is the power source a dry or wet battery? In addition, if it is difficult for you to communicate – for linguistic or other reasons – we also need instructions for removing the battery.
  • Are you travelling alone or will you be accompanied by someone else, such as an assistant?
  • Will you need pushing assistance at the airport or are you able to move from check-in to the departure gate unassisted?
  • Are you able to move from the wheelchair into the aircraft seat unassisted, or will you require assistance or a lifting chair?
  • Do you need help using the stairs?
  • Is it easier for you to sit on a given side of the aisle as a result of your reduced mobility?
  • Will you bring additional medical or medicinal aids on board?

At the airport

A special service desk is available at some airports for passengers needing assistance.

We aim to have you sit in your own wheelchair for as long as possible. Often, this means all the way up to the door of the plane, where we’ll provide all the assistance you need to board the aircraft – using a lifting chair if necessary. Once you are safely on the plane, your wheelchair will be stowed in the hold.

At some airports this practice may vary, for safety reasons or due to the location of lifts or stairs in the airport buildings. In such cases, you will be transferred into an airport wheelchair at check-in and your own wheelchair will be loaded into the hold of the aircraft.

You should pack any medication that you may require during your flight into your carry-on baggage.

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