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Congestions at Helsinki Airport

Holiday season will increase the number of passengers at Helsinki Airport. Passengers are advised to use advance check-in and they can bring their baggage to the airport already on the previous evening. Baggage can be dropped off between 17:00 and 21:30. One family member may hand in the baggage for the whole family, provided that he or she can show all tickets and travel documents.


The baggage allowance is marked on the ticket: 1PC means the passenger is allowed to check in one bag free of charge. The maximum weight of the bag is 23 kg and the maximum external dimensions 158 cm. Alternatively, you can take one piece of small sports equipment, for example skis or snowboard.

With our online Baggage Allowance Calculator, it’s quick and easy to find out how much baggage you can take on your flight and calculate excess-baggage fees in advance. If you pay for excess-baggage via Manage booking, it’ll cost you less than if you pay at the airport.

Advance check-in

Check-in may be completed in advance either online, by text message or at the kiosks at the airport.

Online check-in for Finnair flights opens 36 hours before flight departure.

Finnair Plus members who have not done the online check-in are checked in automatically. The check-in confirmation including the seat number and a link to the mobile boarding pass is sent as a text message. Read more.

At Helsinki Airport the check-in kiosks may be used for all Finnair flights.

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Customer service

Customer notifications in flight disruptions

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, Finnair will inform you about the situation via SMS. Please make sure that you have provided us with your correct contact details to be able to receive the disruption notifications. You can update the information in your booking on Finnair web site at Manage booking.

Finnair Plc
Customer Service

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