Flight schedule from / to Japan


Summer schedule Mar. 29, 2015 - Oct. 24, 2015


Flight times

Japan(Tokyo Narita / Nagoya Chubu / Osaka Kansai)---- Helsinki / 9hrs30min

Helsinki ---- European Destinations
Iceland Reykjavik: 3hrs25min
United Kingdom Manchester: 3hrs / London: 3hrs10min
Italy Pisa: 3hrs10min / Venice: 3hrs5min / Milan: 3hrs / Rome: 3hrs20min
Estonia Tallinn: 30min / Tartu: 50min
Austria Vienna: 2hrs30min
Netherland Amsterdam: 2hrs30min
Croatia Dubrovnik: 3hrs
Switzerland Geneva: 3hrs / Zurich: 2hrs45min
Sweden Stockholm Arlanda: 50min / StockholmBromma: 55min / Norrkoping: 1hr25min / Gothernburg: 1hr20min
Spain Barcelona: 3hrs55min / Madrid: 4hrs25min / Maraga: 4hrs30min
Slovenia Ljubljana:2hrs30min
Czech Prague: 2hrs10min
Denmark Copenhagen: 1hr 30min
Germany Dusseldorf 2hrs20min / Hamburg: 1hr55min / Frankfurt: 2hrs35min / Berlin: 1hr50min / Munich: 2hrs30min
Norway Oslo: 1hrs30min
Hungary Budapest: 2hrs20min
France Nice: 3hrs20min / Paris: 3hrs5min / Biarritz: 3hrs45min
Belgium Brussels: 2hrs40min
Poland Krakow: 1hr55min / Warsaw: 1hrs40min
Latvia Riga: 50min
Lithuania Vilnus: 1hr10min
Russia Yekaterinburg: 3hrs5min / St. Petersburg: 1hr / Moscow: 1hr45min
  • Seasonal destinations are written in green
  • All above destinations may be changed without prior notice.


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