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On board your flight

Travel classes to all needs

Whether you’re travelling on business or for pleasure, you’ll always find the best choice to suit your needs from Finnair travel classes. There’s also various entertainment and working options available depending on your travel class.

Finnair travel classes

Delicious meals and drinks

We serve exquisite hot meals, appetizing snacks and refreshing drinks on our flights depending on the flight duration and travel class. You can also pre-order your meal in advance.

Food and drink

High-quality shopping on board

You can make exclusive purchases from our extensive in-flight shopping selection that includes cosmetics, sweets and gift items, on most of our flights. You can also pre-order products for your flight.

In-flight shopping

Entertainment during your flight

On our intercontinental flights we offer you a wide selection of movies, TV series, music and games to keep you entertained.

In-flight entertainment

Discover our modern fleet

Finnair has one of the most modern fleets in the world. Read more about the newest additions and view seat maps for each aircraft.