Points from Finnair Plus credit cards accumulate automatically

By using a Finnair Plus credit card, you will enjoy exclusive membership benefits while earning award points on all your purchases. You can redeem accumulated points, for instance on flights to any Finnair destination, shop in the Finnair PlusShop or use them for upgrades.

Point accumulation for every euro spent per Finnair Plus level
Finnair Plus membership level Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Finnair Plus Diners Club 2 2 2,5 3
Finnair Plus MasterCard 1 1 1,5 2

Double the benefits with a new Finnair Plus Diners Club card

With a new card combining the Finnair Plus Gold membership card and the Diners Club credit card, you will earn two and a half Finnair Plus award points for every euro you spend – on every purchase, anywhere in the world. With this card, you can also gain access to over 400 Diners Club airport lounges.

As a Finnair Plus Gold member, you will receive the card free of charge and with no annual fee, and receive an additional 3,000 award points with your first purchase. Apply for the card conveniently using your eBanking identifier, or print an application form for posting and replace your current Finnair Plus Gold card with a more rewarding one!

Apply for your card now or Download the application form (PDF file in Finnish)

You can apply for a Finnair Plus Diners Club credit card if:
- You’re over 24 years of age
- Your annual income exceeds €30,000
- You have a Finnish personal identification number (HETU)
If you do not meet the criteria outlined above, you can apply for a Finnair Plus MasterCard, below.


In addition to the Finnair Plus Gold advantages, you will enjoy the following benefits

  • You will benefit from enhanced point accumulation, i.e. two and a half Finnair Plus award points on every euro you spend on all your purchases.
  • You will receive a card with no annual fee and an additional 3,000 award points with your first purchase.
  • By presenting your Finnair Plus Diners Club card, you will gain access to over 400 international Diners Club airport lounges**.
  • You will also earn award points in addition to the relevant bonuses from retail outlets.
  • No pre-set spending limit, you can choose your credit limit from a range of options*.
  • You can order a free Regus businessworld Gold membership card to gain access to over 1,100 business lounges in all major cities.
  • Membership events and more than 200 Diners Club member offers a year.

*The spending limit is the sum you can use to make purchases. Credit limit is the sum that can be left to accrue interest when payment is due.

**Please note that there is no Diners Club lounge at Helsinki Airport.

MasterCard logo

Finnair Plus MasterCard

The Finnair Plus MasterCard is also available to you and you will earn one and a half award points for every euro you spend. This card is the most accepted credit card worldwide; you can use it to pay conveniently and securely at all purchasing locations displaying the MasterCard logo, both in Finland and abroad.

You can apply for a Finnair Plus MasterCard if:
- you’re over 19 years of age
- your annual income exceeds €20,000
- you have a Finnish personal identification number (HETU)
Finnair Plus MasterCard comes with pre-set spending and credit limits. The annual fee is €25 for the first year and €50 for each year thereafter.

Additional information

Finnair Plus Diners Club

Finnair Plus MasterCard

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You can combine your Finnair Plus membership card with the Diners Club or MasterCard credit cards. Both credit cards are issued by SEB Kort Finland. Additional benefits of using the card (Finnair Plus Diners Club): offers and rewards, airport lounges and optional payment protection. As a Finnair Plus Gold Card member, you receive the card with no annual fee. The regular annual fee for Finnair Plus credit cards is €50. No interest charges for 30 days. The opportunity to pay the balance off in instalments. The interest rate for the potential use of credit after the due date is 1 month's Euribor + 9%. According the Consumer Protection Act and based on APR figures from September 2011, the APR on an average credit of €2,000 is 8.86%. This means that on credit of €2000 the estimated total sum payable with interest is €2,092,77. The credit agreement is valid for twelve (12) months. If neither party terminates the agreement, it will continue on a yearly basis. Additional information about the credit can be found in the form containing standard consumer credit report information, card terms and conditions and the fees attachment, which is available at www.finnair.fi/plus or from Diners Club Customer Service.


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