Flights to Chongqing with Finnair

The fast-growing metropolis suited for both holiday and business travellers

Chongqing, one of China’s largest and fastest growing cities, is a dynamic industrial centre filled with exciting opportunities for both business and leisure travellers. The city is also one of southwest China’s main transport hubs, with good connections to the rest of the country and South East Asia.

Although Chongqing has been a regional centre for thousands of years, its industrial development only gained pace during the Second World War, when many of the coastal universities and factories were moved inland. Today, the city has a population of over 30 million and an economy driven by a thriving industrial sector. The city’s main exports include motorcycles and aluminium; Chongqing is also rich in natural resources, including coal, natural gas and mineral deposits. Situated at the fertile intersection of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers, the area is also an important agricultural producer of rice and fruit – and is famous for its oranges.

In addition to industry and business, Chongqing offers much to see and do for travellers looking to head off the beaten path. Must-see sights in the area include the rock carvings at Dazu – the oldest dating back to the 7th century – and the Giant Panda Research Centre in Chengdu. Chongqing is also known as the capital of hot pot: no visit is complete without trying the mouth-watering, spicy Sichuan delicacy.

Airport information

Jiangbei International Airport

The airport is located 27 km north of Chongqing city.

  • Finnair flights: International Terminal 1
  • Check-in opens 2,5 hours before departure
  • Check-in closes 1 hour before departure
Chongqing - Paradise for adventurers and lovers of spicy food | Finnair Chongqing, is China's best-kept secret. While it's less familiar than Shanghai or Beijing, it has recently been receiving more of the attention it so deserves. This Finnair location is a city full of dance, music, Chinese culture and mouthwatering dishes and full of things to do and see and tourist attractions to visit. Chongqing is placed at the meeting point of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers, resulting in a visually stunning waterfront and the nickname, Fog City. Yuzhong District, Ciqikou Old Town, and Bao Lun Temple are all places you'll want to make sure to visit while in Chongqing. Your shortcut to Chongqing: Video locations in order of appearance - Yuzhong District - Ciqikou Old Town - Bao Lun Temple - Yikeshu viewing platform (skyline timelapse) - Yangtze River

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