New airbus A321
Aircraft with sharkletS

More comfort for passengers and less emissions for the nature

With our new Airbus A321 aircraft with fuel-saving Sharklet wing tip devices we’ll be able to offer our passengers even more comfort with less fuel burn, emissions and noise. The first of the five new A321s has already arrived, and the next two are expected to come in later this year. The remaining two will be delivered by spring 2014. Finnair is the first airline in the world operating Airbus A321 aircraft with Sharklets.

The new aircraft will be used on Finnair charter flights and on selected scheduled flights. A new state-of-the-art wireless entertainment system will be installed in every new aircraft in 2014. Until then, tablets can be rented during the flight.

Facts about A321 with Sharklets

  • 209 passenger seats
  • Wing span: 34,1 m
  • Overall length: 44,51 m
  • Flight range: 5,741 km

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A321 "Sharklet" benefits

  • Saves 7% of fuel compared to the old Boeing 757 aircraft and 3% compared to our other A321 aircraft
  • Due to its extended range of over 5,000 km, the new A321 aircraft can be used for example on direct flights from Helsinki to the Canary Islands
  • Enables more flexibility and interoperability between scheduled and charter flights within Europe
  • The new aircraft complete Finnair’s shift to an all-Airbus fleet making fleet maintenance and pilot training easier

One of the youngest fleets in europe

Find a new way to fly

With our modern fleet, we produce fewer emissions and thus can offer you an eco-smart choice for travelling. Enjoy flying with Finnair!

From the moment you step on board, you know you have made a good choice by travelling Finnair.

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Learn more about Sharklets

A Sharklet is a great example of how small technological details can make a big difference – it’s an innovative wing tip device that helps an aircraft to significantly cut CO2 emissions and costs. It's also another example of how Finnair is keeping its promise to increase the fuel efficiency of its operations.

“Since Finnair began flying 90 years ago, the company has prided itself on flying with the most modern aircraft available," says Finnair Chief Operating Officer Ville Iho. "Today is a good day for Finnair as we mark a continuation of that tradition, as the launch customer for the A321 with Sharklets. Fleet investments are key to sustainable and economical flight operations, saving on both fuel costs and carbon emissions – now even more important in the emissions trading era. As we develop our European network to complement our long-haul Asian routes, realising the cost savings and efficiencies of a modern fleet helps ensure profitable growth in the future for Finnair.”

“We share a long-standing relationship with Finnair and are delighted that the airline has decided to build its future with an all Airbus fleet. With the Sharklet equipped A321, Finnair will benefit from lower operating costs, extended range, and better fuel efficiency," said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer – Customers. “Thanks to the widest cabin of any single-aisle aircraft on the market, the A321 also offers passengers more space and comfort.”

The A321s are configured with 209 Recaro BL3510 seats – three on each side of the aisle – with a 31” pitch. The first A321 aircraft with Sharklets, registered in Finland as OH-LZG, left the Airbus facility in Hamburg on 6 September and entered service in the Finnair fleet.


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