Flights to Nagoya with Finnair

Experience the beauty of the Japanese Alps

The two-million-people metropolis of Nagoya is situated right in the centre of Japan, between Tokyo and Osaka on the east coast of the main island of Honshu. It takes about two hours to get to Tokyo on the fast bullet train, while Osaka is less than an hour away and the journey to Kyoto takes just 40 minutes.

In addition to cultural attractions like Nagoya Castle and the Atsuta Shrine, Nagoya tempts visitors with shopping at the brand name stores of the JR Central Towers, its many shopping centres or the markets of Osu Kannon. The city offers plenty of interesting events as well. You could, for example, go see the great sumo-wrestling tournament in July.

People come to enjoy the nightlife at the Nagoya Port entertainment district from as far a field as Tokyo, and this compact city is packed with cafes, small bars and surprisingly affordable restaurants. From Nagoya, it is only a stone's throw to the Japanese Alps, the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean, pearl fishing villages and the relaxing thermal baths of traditional spas. What’s more, if you travel between March and April, you can take a stroll by the Yamazaki River and admire the cherry blossom.

Airport information

Chūbu Centrair International Airport

The airport is located 49 km south of Nagoya.

  • Finnair flights: Check-in area B
  • Check-in opens 2.5 hours before departure
  • Check-in closes 1 hour before departure

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