marimekko for Finnair

Finnair has teamed up with Marimekko

Finnair and the Finnish design house Marimekko have teamed up to enhance the Finnair air travel experience with a new design partnership.

In spring 2013 all Finnair aircraft will carry the Marimekko for Finnair collection of textiles and tableware, featuring Marimekko’s classic patterns.

The Marimekko for Finnair collection is specially designed to add a light and fresh visual dimension to the on-board experience, while also reducing aircraft weight.

Finnair will bring the textiles and tableware designed by Marimekko onto its aircraft starting 15 May. As an emblem of the cooperation, a Finnair Airbus 340 painted in Marimekko’s Unikko print will fly from Finnair’s Helsinki hub to the airline’s 13 Asian destinations and New York.

Watch a video of the cooperation in action

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The inspiration

The inspiration behind the collection springs from the up-in-the-air perspective that flying offers: the calm blue, green and light grey tones of the Finnish lakes and landscape.


The collection

The fresh and harmonious designs of the Marimekko for Finnair collection of tableware and textiles are designed to enhance our comfortable cabins and to make your journey even more peaceful. The Business Class tableware is made of light porcelain especially suitable for use in aircraft.


The patterns

The patterns of two legendary Marimekko designers, Maija and Kristiina Isola, also reflect the freedom of flying and the new perspectives it presents. These Isola classics take new forms in the collection tailored especially for in-flight use by Marimekko designer Sami Ruotsalainen.


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