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Go on a multi-stop trip
to Southeast Asia

Go on a multi-stop trip
to Southeast Asia

Explore the magnificent sights of Southeast Asia at your own pace with Finnair!

For those who want to get more out of their visit to Southeast Asia and truly get a sense of what the area has to offer for visitors, we have created the option called Multi-City Flights. For example, you can book flights from Helsinki to Bangkok, explore the region according to your own schedule and fly back from elegant Singapore*.

Get ready for the holiday of your dreams with Multi-City Flights!

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  • Terms and conditions

    * Please note that travel between Bangkok and Singapore cannot be booked via Finnair.

    Bookings with multiple destinations are limited to 4 origin–destination city pairs (for example, Helsinki–Bangkok, Bangkok–Singapore, Singapore–Sydney, Sydney–Helsinki).

    Due to limitation in our booking engine, one origin-destination city pair can include the maximum of 3 flight segments (for example, Helsinki–Sydney can include segments Helsinki–Bangkok, Bangkok–Singapore and Singapore–Sydney). Thus, for example a flight from Helsinki to Hobart cannot be booked through our booking engine as one city pair, because it includes four flight segments (Helsinki–Singapore, Singapore–Hong Kong, Hong Kong–Sydney and Sydney–Hobart). However, it’s possible to divide the segments by using the multi-city booking system: book flights from Helsinki to Sydney via Singapore and Hong Kong, and then continue the journey from Sydney to Hobart on a different day.