Premium pre-order meals on Finnair charter flights

When travelling on a Finnair charter flight departing from Finland you can pre-order a tasty premium meal made of the best Nordic ingredients. You can choose from a hearty breakfast and two meal alternatives, both of which include an appetiser, main course, dessert and champagne or other choice of beverage.

If the flight includes a stopover, the premium meal is served during the first part of the flight. If two meals are served during the flight, the premium meal replaces the first served meal.

Please note that the product contents may vary due to the meal rotation. Due to limited storage space, we can confirm max. 4 meals per flight.

Order a premium meal


Cold cuts
Smoked Pork Filée
Gouda Cheese
* * *

Rösti potato, Bacon and Spinach
* * *

Fresh fruits
Water Melon, Pineapple and Grapes

Breakfast is served on morning flights departing from Finland. Price 25 euros.

Whitefish Menu

Salmon Sashimi
Yuzu Sauce
* * *

Grilled White Fish
Citrus risotto
* * *

Cheese Cake
Blackcurrant Sauce

Price 25 euros.

Steak Menu

Beetroot terrine
Goat Cheese Mousse
* * *

Grilled Beef Steak
Potato gratin and
Four Peppers Sauce
* * *

Choco crossie cake
with Blueberries

Price 25 euros.

Premium Menu for Children

Carrot stick, Cucumber and
Cherry tomato
* * *

Mashed potatoes
and Cream Sauce
* * *

White chocolate mousse
with Raspberry

Available for children between 2 and 12 years of age. Price 15 euros.



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