Enjoy extra comfort on Finnair charter flights with Comfort Class

Finnair’s charter flights to Ho Chi Minh City, Puerto Plata and Varadero offer two choices in comfort, the high-quality Economy Class and the luxurious Comfort Class.

Super-comfortable lie-flat seats and plenty of legroom

Economy Class offers spacious ergonomic seats with adjustable head rests that make for a truly relaxing flight. But how about topping off your holiday with some extra luxury? Comfort Class, at the front of the aircraft, offers next-generation lie-flat seats with ample sitting and legroom, and corresponds to the comfort level offered by Finnair’s Business Class. Start your holiday well-rested and relaxed already on your flight!

Comfort Class check-in and high-quality refreshments on board

Comfort Class travellers can use the exclusive Comfort Class check-in at the airport. In Comfort Class we serve a three-course meal, including an appetizer, warm main course and a dessert. Our Comfort Class meals are comparable to the meals served in Business Class on our scheduled European flights. Before landing we also serve a warm snack. Coffee and tea are served with the meals.

Wine and beer are complimentary with Comfort Class meals. Champagne and spirits will be charged by the charter flight beverage price list. Soft drinks, juices and water are free of charge throughout the flight.

Passing the time in extra comfort

All travellers on Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft have a personal entertainment system at their disposal, offering dozens of films, children’s programmes, TV shows and games – as well as music – to suit all tastes. In Economy Class, a separate fee is charged for using the entertainment system with earphones, while in Comfort Class the system is available free of charge.

The complimentary blanket and pillow set on your lie-flat seat in Comfort Class make long flights even more relaxing.

Shop comfortably on the flight

You can do your in-flight shopping in advance from the extensive selection of 400 products in the Pre-order catalogue.

For your outbound flight you can pre-order items conveniently online. You can purchase all the sun screens, cosmetics, fragrances and toys you’ll need for your holiday – all the products will wait for you on your seat and you pay for them on board, so you won’t have to pack those items with you in advance.

For the return flight, you can pre-order items from the extensive selection of the Pre-order catalogue. You can place the order in advance online or you can request for the catalogue and order form from the cabin crew during your flight. You can conveniently order nice souvenirs for you and your friends. Your order will be waiting for you on your seat and you’ll pay for the items on your return flight.

You can explore the products you have ordered during your flight. Pre-ordered items can be returned free of charge as long as you do it during the flight and before paying for them.

During the flight it’s also possible to shop for selected items from the on-board shopping cart. See the on-board shopping selection.

If you’re travelling in Finnair Comfort Class, you can reserve your preferred seat using the link below.

Reserve a seat


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