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Sports guns

Firearms for sports or hunting may be carried in checked baggage, with a specific permission from the airline. Please inform us when you make your flight reservation.

  • A firearm case may contain maximum 2 rifles or shotguns (long arm) or 5 guns (short arm), and it is considered one piece of baggage.
  • The fee for a firearm case depends on the baggage allowance of your ticket as well as on how much other baggage you’re taking with you. If your ticket bears the code “1 PC”, you can take one firearm case or one other piece of baggage free of charge. If you wish to travel with both, you will need to pay an extra bag charge.
  • If you’re travelling on a Finnair scheduled flight, you can pay extra bag charge on our website via the Manage booking link.
  • If you’ve bought your flights or holiday package from a tour operator, you can pay excess baggage fees here.
  • There is an additional mandatory handling fee of €25 per firearm case. You can pay the fee beforehand with a Finnair Plus voucher or by contacting our customer service by telephone. The fee is for flights in one direction.
  • The firearm must be unloaded and packed in a sturdy package.
  • Securely boxed cartridges may be carried in checked baggage only in quantities not exceeding 5 kg (including the package) per passenger. The ammunition may not include explosive bullets or incendiary bullets, and their classification must be 1.4S and their UN number either UN 0012 or UN0014. Read more
  • These conditions also apply to the carriage of replicas, decommissioned guns and guns for game purposes, e.g. airsoft and paintball guns.
  • If you are carrying guns, it is not possible to check in your baggage the evening prior to departure.
  • For more information about the transport of firearms, please contact Finnair.