Use your points on thousands of benefits

Every point you earn is valuable. Use your points to purchase award flights, services, products - you’ll find there are thousands of ways to benefit

When travelling

Award flights

from 12,000 points
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The oneworld alliance

in 150 countries

Upgrade to Business Class

from 7,500 points
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Finnair lounges

Vouchers 10,000 points

Additional baggage

from 8,000 points
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Use points for travel packages

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Popular offers and benefits from our partners

Use points for event tickets

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Donate points to charity

Make a donation

Neste Oil €50 voucher

€39 + 4,000 p
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Spend a night at Sokos Hotels

€56 + 3,000 p
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Helsinki Day Spa €100 voucher

€70 + 3,500 p
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12 months’ subscription

€31 + 3,000 p
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Buy Finnair Plus award points and travel farther, faster

Are you eager to spend your FInnair Plus award points, but don't have quite enough for what you want?

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