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Our customer care is at your disposal – manage your booking, find the answers to frequently asked questions and contact us either online or by phone.
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You can check all the information regarding your flight through Manage booking. Just sign in with your last name and booking reference.

  • Check your flight information
  • Make changes to flight times
  • Make sure your contact information is up to date
  • Pre-order a meal for your flight
  • Pay for extra baggage
  • Book a seat in advance
  • Enter information required by authorities
  • Cancel your booking

Enter your booking details



Find your booking


Enter your 6-digit booking reference (for example Y2KP3D) and your full last name.

Charter flights (AY1000 series): Use the login on the Charter flights travel extras page.

Please note that group bookings cannot be displayed using this service.

In Manage booking you can:

  • make changes to your booking (not applicable to AY1000 series charter flights and Finnair Plus award bookings)
  • cancel your booking (not applicable to AY1000 series charter flights)
  • pay for excess baggage and reserve a seat
  • pre-order a meal for European flights
  • order a special meal
  • choose your main course in advance on long-haul Business Class flights
  • order a special ‘Meals designed for you’ option on long-haul Business Class flights departing from Helsinki.
  • order a premium meal for a charter flight (AY1000 series)
  • update your contact information
  • accept changes to the flight schedule
  • enter information required by authorities
  • book a car or a hotel

Note: In order to pay for excess baggage, reserve a chargeable seat or pre-order a meal for European flights, your flights must be operated and marketed by Finnair.

More frequently asked questions

If you didn’t find an answer to your question here, just follow the link below to see all our frequently asked questions.



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