Planning and booking your flight

You can buy Finnair tickets for the following destination types:

  • Finnair scheduled flight destinations
  • code-share flight destinations (flights which have a Finnair flight code but are operated by another airline)
  • oneworld partner airline destinations those for which the route includes a connecting flight operated by Finnair
  • oneworld partner airline destinations in Asia, Australia and North America for which the route includes an intercontinental connecting flight operated by Finnair

You can purchase tickets for adults, children, youth (16–25 years) and seniors (+65 years) in one of the following ways:

For unaccompanied minors, youth between 12 and 16 years of age and pensioners younger than 65 years, reservations must be made via the Finnair office or your travel agency.

Before making your reservation, it’s a good idea to find out about our travel classes and flight schedules – this will help you choose the travel class that’s right for you and plan the schedule of your trip. If your trip includes a connecting flight, remember to also check the minimum connecting times between flights.

If you’re a Finnair Plus member, you can book an award flight using your Finnair Plus points. You can do this on the Book now page on the Finnair website or via your nearest Finnair Plus Service Center.

If there’s eight passengers or more travelling together, you can ask for a group quote through your travel agency.


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