Shopping at the airport

At the Finnair Tax-Free Shop opposite the gate 28, you’ll find not only perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol and tobacco products, but also a varied selection of confectionary, jewellery, sunglasses, gift items, clothes and bags – all from world-famous high quality brands.

You can only purchase tax-free alcohol and tobacco products if you are travelling outside the EU. However, even if you’re travelling within the EU, you’ll find that our prices are up to 25% lower than those generally available across Finland.

Every month, there’s a new selection of Best Buy items on sale. For Finnair Plus members there’s also a broad selection of member offers and benefits.

Finnair Tax-Free Shop Finnair Shop pre-order service

Tax-free Shops at Helsinki Airport sold to a new operator

The Finnair Tax-Free Shops at Helsinki Airport will be sold to a new operator as of 1 October. Voucher coupons purchased with Finnair Plus points are valid in the Finnair Tax-free Shop until 30 September, after which the vouchers can be used on Finnair flights when shopping for duty-free products (excluding the bar & snacks selection). If you cannot use the vouchers on Finnair flights, please contact Finnair Plus Customer Service by phone, +358 9 818 888 (Mon–Fri 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sat 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). After the change of store operator, Finnair Plus tier members' current loyalty benefits will no longer be available in the store after 30 September. Furthermore, accumulating Finnair Plus points in the Tax-Free Shop will not be possible after 30 September. Finnair Plus loyalty benefits and point accumulation remain as before with regard to inflight or pre-order purchases.

Transporting liquids on connecting flights

Liquid tax-free purchases

You can transport liquid tax-free purchases in the cabin with certain exceptions, provided that you have purchased them on the day of your travel. You must always show the items you have purchased and the receipt at security check. This regulation also applies in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Travelling within the EU

Some of the airports within the EU have tax-free shops at the airside area of the airport before security check, which only passengers can access by showing their flight ticket. Any liquid items that you have purchased from these shops must be packed in a sealed plastic bag and the receipt must be placed inside the bag so that it can be read from the outside.

At the security check you must show the sealed and unopened bag with the receipt. Some of the shops may also deliver your purchases to you after the security check.

Travelling to the EU from outside the EU

In case your travel will not continue on a connecting flight within the EU, liquid tax-free items may be purchased freely at the departure country or on board the aircraft. If your trip continues within the EU on a connecting flight, you need to pass the security check. In this case you cannot bring liquid products exceeding what you can fit in a one-litre plastic bag into the cabin as carry-on baggage. These liquids must be packaged in containers with a volume of no more than 100 ml.

Therefore, if you purchase liquid products at the tax-free shops outside the EU, you must pack them in your checked baggage to be carried in the hold of the aircraft. If you’re flying with an airline from outside the EU, you cannot purchase liquid tax-free products on board the flight.

In case you’re flying with an airline from within the EU, you may purchase liquid tax-free products on board your flight. The purchases will be sealed in a plastic bag on the aircraft. When you enter security check for your connecting flight, you must present the unopened bag with the receipt.

On connecting flights within the EU you can transport liquid tax-free items that are packed accordingly if you have purchased them at the international airports in the US or Canada, in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, or at Croatian airports in Dubrovnik, Pula, Rijeka, Split, Zagreb or Zadar.

Connecting flights outside the EU

Many non-EU countries also require a sealed package for liquid tax-free products according to the recommendation presented by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

If you’re travelling outside the EU and you still have connecting flights, please make sure your liquid tax-free purchases are sealed in a plastic bag with the receipt at the airport.

Please keep in mind on your return flight that also many non-EU countries have the same regulations for liquid products as within the EU: a product must be packed in a container no larger than 100 ml and all containers must fit in a clear one-litre plastic bag.

Shopping after your flight

On arrival at Helsinki Airport, you can make purchases at several shops in the gate area.

You can also buy goods in the Finnair Arrival Shop in baggage claim areas 2B. Our Arrival Shops stock a diverse array of products, including cosmetics, confectionary, gift items and food, but not alcohol or tobacco.


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