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Dear Passenger,

We are very sorry that your baggage has not arrived on your flight. By filling in the form below, you can inform us about your delayed baggage. Do not fill in the form if you have already made a report at the arrival service at the airport.

The baggage tag number is written on the bottom of the baggage receipt, for example in the form AY123456 or XH123456.

We will try to handle your case as quickly as possible. When the information you have provided has been entered in the baggage tracing system, we will send you a case number in a text message. You can follow the delivery of your baggage in the WorldTracer system at When the baggage has arrived, we will contact you to agree on a suitable time for delivery.

Flight information:

Baggage information:

Passenger information:

Contact information

Please enter the mobile phone number in international format (+35850XXXXXXXX)