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Skiing equipment

  • A ski or snowboard bag is considered one piece of baggage.
  • The fee for a ski or snowboard bag depends on the baggage allowance of your ticket as well as how much other baggage you’re taking with you. If your ticket bears the code “1 PC”, you can take one ski or snowboard bag or one other piece of baggage free of charge. If you wish to travel with both, you will need to pay an extra bag charge.
  • The maximum weight of one ski or snowboard bag is 23 kg and it includes related equipment, such as skis and poles.
  • If ski shoes or snowboard shoes are packed in a separate bag, it counts as one item of checked-in baggage. If it exceeds the allowance on your ticket, a normal extra bag charge will be collected.
  • Ski jumping equipment and other skis longer than 220 cm are counted as oversized items and a heavy bag charge applies.
  • You can normally take skiing equipment without informing us beforehand. However, if you’re travelling in a group of ten or more people who will be taking skiing equipment, please inform us in advance, as space on some of our aircraft is limited.
  • Finnair Plus Platinum and Gold members are allowed to carry one ski or snowboard bag free of charge.
  • If you’re travelling on a Finnair scheduled flight, you can pay excess-baggage fees on our website via the Manage booking link.
  • If you’ve bought your flights or holiday package from a tour operator, you can pay excess-baggage fees here.
  • Finnair recommends that you protect your sports equipment when you travel.

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