Connecting flights

At Helsinki Airport, all gates are located in one terminal building, along the same short walkway. This means you can be confident that you’ll reach your connecting flight fast and hassle-free. At best, changing planes takes just 35 minutes!

Check the departure gate of your next flight from the flight information screens in the terminal or on the airport’s website. Finnair service desks are located in the departure hall in Terminal 2. The Transfer Service desks are located near gates 24 and 32A. The desks are open whenever there are flights departing from the airport.

See Destinations for airport maps showing the location of Transfer Service desks at other airports.

If you are arriving from or travelling to a non-Schengen country, you need to go through passport control. Citizens of EU, Scandinavia and Switzerland holding biometric passports can skip lines by using the airport’s fast and convenient automatic border control machines. Nationals of Japan and South Korea may use these gates during afternoon hours when leaving to non-Schengen destinations.

Read more about connecting flights on the Helsinki Airport website.


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