Change for Good campaign is on again

We’re running the Change for Good campaign together with UNICEF Finland again this year. We will be raising funds for the UNICEF Schools for Asia initiative which supports children’s schooling in 11 Asian countries.

The Change for Good campaign will be carried out on almost all international Finnair flights over a six-week period, starting 26 November. You can help by donating coins and notes of any currency to the campaign – just place them in the envelope provided in the aircraft seat pocket in front of you and then hand it to the cabin crew.

If you’re a Finnair Plus member, you can also donate your points to the Change for Good campaign all year round. And if you have spare change in the bottom of your pocket, you can donate them by putting them in one of the collection boxes available in the Finnair Lounge areas at Helsinki Airport. Collection boxes will be also be available in the Finnair staff rooms.

Make a real difference – together we have already collected 1.1 million euros for UNICEF since 1994!

Donate Finnair Plus points

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