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Lost, delayed or damaged baggage

Delayed baggage

  • If your baggage doesn’t arrive on the same flight with you, please contact the Arrival Service desk in the arrivals hall where a delayed baggage report will be created, and you will be provided a reference number.
  • With the reference number you can follow the situation and update your contact details via the WorldTracer service.
  • In case your baggage has not been found within 72 hours, it’s important that you provide us with more specific information by filling in the Baggage tracing form.
  • We will contact you when your baggage is found in order to organize the delivery.
  • If you want to apply for compensation for your baggage, please send us a request using feedback form within 21 days of receiving your baggage. Please keep all the documents for future reference.

Lost baggage

  • If your baggage is still missing after 21 days, you can apply for compensation from your insurance company or Finnair.

Damaged baggage

  • The purpose of your suitcase is to protect its contents from being damaged. Handling of baggage is performed mechanically, and the airline is not responsible for normal wear that does not affect the bag’s usability.
  • Please report any other kind of damage to the airport’s Arrival Service desk. If you notice the damage later on, please send us a written notification of it by email no later than seven days after receiving the baggage. You will then be given a damage report number and further instructions.
  • After completing the damage report, you can request compensation from your insurance company or Finnair. You can use our feedback form to send the request. Please keep all the documents and the damaged baggage for future reference.

For inquiries about delayed baggage, please contact the local arrival service. The telephone number is in the delayed baggage report. In Finland you can also contact us by e-mail.