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About Finnair Plus

Every point you earn is valuable!

As a Finnair Plus member you can collect both tier points and award points.

You earn tier points when you take international scheduled flights operated by Finnair or any of the other oneworld airlines. Collect tier points to move up through the tiers of the Finnair Plus frequent flyer program – with each new tier, you’ll get access to even more valuable benefits.

You earn award points when you take Finnair scheduled flights or buy products and services from the members of the Finnair worldwide partner network. Naturally, there’s a host of exciting ways to spend your award points – for example, you can use them to purchase award flights or to buy products online in the Finnair PlusShop.

Earn points when you fly

The number of award and tier points you earn for a flight depends on the airline you’re flying with and the type of flight. Click the links below to find out more:

Earn points when you buy services

You can also earn points when you purchase products and services from our extensive network of partners

check out the Finnair Plus Partners website to find out about all the latest offers and benefits.

Buy Finnair Plus award points

You can now buy Finnair Plus award points to increase your point balance and take advantage of great rewards faster. Find out more!

Buy points

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