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Check-in for Finnair flights

Avoid the queues by checking in beforehand

When you check in for your flight online or on a mobile, or let us do it automatically for you, you can handle it whenever best suits you and avoid all unnecessary queuing at the airport.

Check-in in advance

Check-in at the airport

You can also check in at the airport using the self-service check-in kiosks or at a check-in desk at those airports that don’t yet have self-service kiosks. At Helsinki Airport it’s also possible to do the check-in and leave your baggage the previous night before your flight.

Check-in at the airport


If you have baggage to check in, you can avoid the queues by leaving your baggage at the Bag Drop desks during your flight’s check-in period.

Bag Drop desks

Check-in times

  • Below you can find the deadlines that apply for check-in. The purpose of these deadlines is to guarantee that flights can depart on time.
  • You must have your boarding pass and your baggage must be checked in before the deadline.
  • Make sure that you allow enough time to complete the necessary security checks at the airport, and get to your gate on time. Gate closes 15 minutes before departure.
  • Online check-in is available up to 36 hours before departure. At the airport the check-in and Bag Drop open at the latest 2 hours before departure.
  • At Helsinki Airport, you can check in for your flight during the previous evening before departure between 6 p.m. and 9.30 p.m.
  • Check-in times may vary if your flight is operated by a partner airline; please check the corresponding airlines for correct check-in times.

Point of departure Destination Check-in must be completed
Finland Finland 45 minutes before departure
Europe Europe 45 minutes before departure
Europe Middle East 45 minutes before departure
Europe Asia, North America 1 hour before departure
Asia, North America, Middle East All destinations 1 hour before departure