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Customer database description

Finnair Plc (hereinafter “Finnair”)
Corporate ID (“Y-tunnus”): 0108023-3
Address: Tietotie 9, 01053 FINNAIR

The Finnair Group is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of its services in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999) and other applicable legislations.

The databases maintained internally by the Finnair Group include Finnair’s global email newsletter subscriber register, Finnair Plus customer database, Aurinkomatkat customer database and Finnair booking database. The personal data recorded in the data files can be processed in units and other Finnish companies belonging to the Finnair Group in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

We could not provide our services to customers without personal information and user data. The data is needed for processing reservations and providing related information to customers, and to implement functionalities and personal suggestions for digital services.

All customer database descriptions maintained by the Finnair Group cover the following topics

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The data file is used for managing and developing customer relations between Finnair and the members of the Finnair Plus program, customer profiling and analysis, recording Finnair Plus point events, charging for awards that are granted based on point events, maintaining contact with customers and marketing and advertising.

The data recorded in the data file is used during reservation and payment for flight tickets and by electronic services related to travel. The data in the data file may also be used when invoicing partners.

The data recorded in the data file is used for analysis and profiling so that we can create customer profiles for use in marketing and to support service, product and concept development. Profiles may also be used to target marketing and content via the Finnair website, email newsletters and mobile application by directing individualised advertising and marketing at members. Direct advertising and marketing involves member-specific variation in the advertising content on the above-mentioned channels. Direction of individualised advertising at members is an integral part of the Finnair Plus program.

The Finnair Plus partners are also a notable part of the Finnair Plus program, as members can earn and spend Finnair Plus points when using partner services. For this reason, Finnair sends information about partner services and benefits to members together with information pertaining to and regarding the Finnair Plus program as well as Finnair services. More information about partners is available on the Finnair website.

Marketing materials may be sent by post, email and SMS to members who consent to receive communication via these channels.

The data recorded in the data file is also used for targeted member communication distributed in the Finnair mobile application.

Finnair is entitled to discontinue the Finnair Plus membership of a customer by removing the customer’s personal details and membership number from the Finnair Plus customer register in the case that no transactions have been registered to that customer’s account during the previous five (5) years and, consequently, the customer has no valid points. Customers can rejoin the Finnair Plus program by filling out a membership application.


General customer data

  • Membership commencement date
  • Member’s title
  • First name and last name
  • Address information
  • Mobile phone number and home telephone number
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Other residential area
  • Size of family
  • Birthdates of children

Leisure interests submitted by the member

  • List on the Finnair Plus website

Other interests submitted by the member

  • List on the Finnair Plus website

Profile data

  • Passport number
  • Passport date of issue
  • Passport validity
  • Nationality
  • Special food preferences*
  • Seat preference (aisle or window)
  • Joining date, type and campaign

*Information concerning special food preference may constitute sensitive data. Members who provide this information are deemed to have given explicit consent to the processing of said information.

Workplace and occupational data

  • Profession or occupation
  • Name of employer
  • Employer address
  • Work telephone number

Membership card data

  • Membership number
  • Date of issue of last membership card
  • Expiry date
  • Membership tier

Membership tier data

  • Tier history
  • Tier points total
  • Number of tier flights
  • Membership tier
  • Flight ticket price accrual
  • Tier date details

Earned points data

  • Total tier and award points earned during membership
  • Total award points spent
  • Total award points available
  • Total expired award points

Event-specific data

  • Date of event
  • Event details, such as product name
  • Points earned or points spent
  • Service provider’s name
  • Document number (ticket number or other document number)
  • For flights also
    • Flight number (operating and marketing)
    • Point of departure and destination of the flight
    • Travel class
    • Airline code (operating and marketing)
    • Travel agency that made the booking
    • Price information of the ticket
    • Code name for business travel booking
    • Other booking information

Marketing data

  • Dispatch dates of marketing letters and point statements
  • Details of campaigns offered to customer and copies of marketing letters sent to customer

Finnair website usage data

  • Information regarding the use of Finnair network services collected using cookies.

Finnair Plus partner information

  • Information about whether the customer has a combined Finnair Plus credit card but no information concerning the card usage
  • Stockmann cardholder’s Stockmann Loyal Customer level

Finnair Lounge services

  • Information about using lounge services at Helsinki Airport

Right of refusal

A refusal notice (see “Exercise of rights”) sent by a member to the data file controller will be entered into the data file. A notice of consent submitted by a member indicating that they wish to receive marketing material by email and/or SMS will be recorded in the data file.


  • Finnair receives customer data as well as information concerning workplace, leisure interests and other interests from the member when he or she submits a membership application or, after becoming a member, updates said data.
  • Finnair receives details of Finnair Plus membership card usage from Finnair check-in and accounting systems, and from partners, who provide this data in files.
  • Details of Finnair Plus points, tiers and tracking periods are extracted from the Finnair data system using Finnair’s computer programs.
  • Data concerning usage of the Finnair website are extracted using system maintenance software.
  • Updates to information in the Population Register Centre come through Posti.


The personal data used for reserving flight tickets (name, email address, mobile phone number, Finnair Plus membership number, Finnair Plus tier, seat preference and Finnair Plus membership card usage activity) is submitted in electronic form to the Amadeus reservation system maintained in Germany. Personal data is automatically read from the system when a member makes a Finnair flight reservation and gives their membership number to the party responsible for printing out the ticket, which can be an office or an agent, either domestic or foreign. For this reason, personal data is transferred outside the European Union and European Economic Area.

Personal data used for reserving flight tickets (name, email address, mobile phone number, Finnair Plus membership number, Finnair Plus tier, seat preference and Finnair Plus membership card usage activity) is also submitted, in electronic form, to airlines belonging to the oneworld™ alliance. This personal data is used when customers reserve flights with oneworld airlines – for this reason, it is transferred outside the European Union and European Economic Area. Information about the oneworld airlines is available on the Finnair website.

With the customer’s consent, personal information in the Finnair Plus customer database may also be released to Finnair Plus partners for the purpose of direct marketing. Information about the Finnair Plus partners is available on the Finnair website. The partners do not release personal data to third parties.

Data may be transferred outside of the European Union and the European Economic Area, should that be necessary in order to technically implement the service requested by the user, or in cases where it is otherwise necessary based on § 23, Sections 2–5 of the Personal Data Act. Partners outside the EU are required to comply with the European Union’s data protection policies.


A member is entitled to know what information concerning him or her is stored in the Finnair Plus database or to know that there is no such information in said database. Data may be inspected free of charge once in each calendar year. Inspection requests must be submitted in writing to the address given at the end of this data file description and must be signed by hand by the requesting party. The information surrendered in response to an inspection request is provided in writing and sent by post to the address notified by the member in question.

A member of the Finnair Plus program is also entitled to obtain correction of any error in the information that concerns the said member. A request for correction of an error must be submitted in writing or by telephone to the Finnair Plus Service Center (postal address: Finnair Plus, SXD/8, FI-01053 Finnair, Finland; tel: +358 9 818 888).

Should a member of the Finnair Plus program prohibit the despatch of (i) Finnair’s direct marketing material and/or (ii) the direct marketing material of Finnair’s partners to the said member, then Finnair may decide to discontinue sending all written Finnair Plus material to the said member. A member of the Finnair Plus program is entitled to prohibit the release of personal data to the Finnair Plus partners for the purposes of direct marketing.

Any member who chooses to exercise the foregoing rights of prohibition must notify the Finnair Plus Service Center thereof in writing or by telephone.


  • Only specified employees of Finnair and enterprises that are assigned by Finnair to act on its behalf are authorised to use the Finnair Plus system. The system includes various user access levels authorising the user to maintain or explore the database only with respect to information that is necessary for use. Each user has a personal username and password that are required when logging into the system.
  • The system is protected with network security so that access is only granted to specified partners.
  • Users must oblige to professional secrecy.
  • Permissions to use the database are granted restrictedly and controllably based on users’ work assignments.
  • Database will not be kept in hard copy.
  • Data is stored for ten (10) years.


Customer database
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